For many North Carolina families, going through the probate process is a challenging and emotionally difficult experience. Our team of lawyers appreciates the importance of helping clients navigate estate and trust administration issues quickly and efficiently. That is why at McCoy Wiggins Cleveland & Mclean PLLC, we work closely with our executors, trustees and others to successfully administer trusts and alleviate the stress of probate.

Protecting Your Family's Legacy During Probate

When drafting wills, trusts and other estate planning instruments, it's our goal to avoid probate disputes and other issues that can compromise the integrity of the estate. Whether representing clients whose loved ones passed with a comprehensive estate plan in place or intestate (without a will), our attorneys assist with all aspects of the probate process, including:

  • Preparation of estate tax returns
  • Preparation of court inventories and accountings
  • Preparation of federal and state gift tax returns
  • Representing estates and trusts before the IRS
  • Representing heirs, beneficiaries and fiduciaries in will/trust contests and other disputes related to the administration of the estate

If you have been named as the executor of the estate, we can help you understand your obligations for notifying beneficiaries, reviewing and identifying assets, reconciling debts, paying taxes and other responsibilities. If you are a beneficiary and suspect that the executor has failed in his or her responsibilities or you believe that you were unfairly written out of the will, we can help you bring attention to these discrepancies.

Education And Clear Counsel During Probate And Estate Administration

When administering an estate, engaging in trust or estate litigation or resolving other types of probate disputes, reach out to our attorneys at McCoy Wiggins Cleveland & Mclean PLLC, to educate yourself regarding your options. Call our Fayetteville law office at 910-764-6912 or reach us via email by completing and submitting our online contact form.