Residential and commercial clients facing condemnation or eminent domain disputes often come to us with questions regarding the legality of the government's claim to their property. Although the government may be allowed to claim a portion or the entirety of your property for building infrastructure, schools or other projects, you do have legal recourse for challenging zoning or condemnation actions or at the very least, securing fair market price for your property.

A Tradition Of Exclusively Representing Landowners, Not Condemnors

At McCoy Wiggins Cleveland & Mclean PLLC, our attorneys have been representing individuals and businesses in Fayetteville and throughout North Carolina since 1955. Throughout the years, we have watched the landscape, as well as its laws evolve.

Our attorneys know the elected officials of our communities, stay abreast of new ordinances and changes to the laws, and understand how to apply these changes to our clients' cases. It's this attention to detail and knowledge of the local laws that have helped us secure substantial jury verdicts (in excess of $1 million) on behalf of our clients.

Challenging Eminent Domain In North Carolina

Although each zoning and land use case presents its own challenges, there are a few common ways to challenge eminent domain actions:

  • Demonstrating that the government's proposed project does not service the public. This may include instances where the government seizes private property for the construction of a privately sponsored project.
  • Demonstrating that the property the government is interested in claiming is not essential to the proposed project.
  • A landowner may assert that the government acted improperly or inappropriately in serving notice, failed to follow procedure or offered an unfair price.

These are just a few general examples of how working with our team of lawyers can help protect your interests when government attempts to seize your property. For a more thorough explanation that accounts for your specific circumstances, reach out to our Fayetteville law office.

Standing Up For Property Owners In Eminent Domain Disputes

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