At McCoy Wiggins Cleveland & Mclean PLLC, we have a strong tradition centered around representing clients in a wide range of commercial real estate matters. We work with developers, corporations, partnerships, individual investors and professional organizations in Fayetteville and others throughout North Carolina in completing transactions and resolving disputes.

A Local Firm Centered Around Commercial Real Estate Transactions And Litigation

Whether drafting leases, assisting with the purchase or sale of real property, or representing our clients in disputes surrounding liens, defects or zoning and land use, our team of attorneys understands what's at stake when preparing documents, vetting contracts or protecting our clients' interests at the negotiations table or in the courtroom.

We represent our commercial clients throughout all phases of their business's development. This includes incorporation, expansion and growth, as well as sale or dissolution. Our commercial real estate practice is at the heart of these transactions as various issues overlap when engaging in the following:

  • Drafting, reviewing, negotiating and enforcing contracts and agreements pertaining to the purchase, sale and development of commercial real estate projects
  • Resolving eminent domain issues (condemnation, land use and zoning)
  • Landlord-tenant matters involving businesses
  • Working with local municipalities and government entities regarding permits, approvals and other planning and development processes
  • Environmental compliance during construction
  • Resolving title defects or guiding clients when leasing, selling or transferring property titles
  • Construction contracts, defect litigation and other matters

As your lawyers, we look to help your business manage risk, remain compliant and avoid costly disruptions and disputes. Our experience in the courtroom and familiarity with local government and businesses afford us leverage when exploring options for resolving issues as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Work With A Firm Representing Businesses Large And Small In Business Law And Commercial Real Estate Matters

To speak with our attorneys, contact us at our Fayetteville law office by calling 910-764-6912 or by completing our online contact form.